STEM International programme for aspiring Young People



*(Science Technology Engineering Maths + Sports)

An Innovative and Challenging 5 day Pilot- (Monday 28th October- Friday 1st November)  for aspiring future tech and sports leaders.

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Did you see the images of the first man to walk on the moon? Can you see yourself doing that? Have you ever wondered what it must have been like to invent the IPhone or the Samsung Galaxy mobile phone? What is the technology behind Facebook and Instagram? What makes Skytrain work? How do ocean liners stay afloat on the ocean and don’t sink but a human will drown if they try and walk on water? Or being one of the engineer and astronauts who invented the rocket that took man to the moon and Mars?

What makes all the global Stock Exchanges around the world keep working 24/7 and can calculate trillions of £, dollars, Cedis and Yen every minute and not make mistakes? Are artificial intelligent and robots taking over the world? Imagine developing a new medicine, that will help to save thousands of lives around the world?  To what extent does food and nutrition, exercise, winning mentality and the scientific approach contribute to creating champions?

The Programme

STEM and Sports Science are all involved in the above inventions and questions. It brings the people whose lifework above, has transformed and continues to shape our world today. But there is more to be created tomorrow and the future belongs to young minds who believe in the beauty of STEM dreams!

This 5 day pilot in 2019 and the 13 day full educational tours STEM+ Sports programme in 2020 has been developed to harness the interest, and creativity in young people with aspirations for careers in the rapidly growing STEM world.

Targeted at young people 14-15 and 16-18 years of age, the programme, will dissect STEM, bring industrial experts and young people to share and learn. They will visit world-class Universities, sports stadium, science and innovation centres and real life projects. They will meet the people who make them work.

This exciting programme will unveil an array of exciting challenges for young and talented young people on their journey to becoming tomorrow’s STEM geniuses and Ambassadors, and combines visits with fun experiments. The variety of activities provided, will enable the young people on the programme to better understand how a career and interest in STEM will shape tomorrow’s world.


Address: Samsung Digital Academy, 6 High St S, East Ham, London E6 6ER

The location of London is designed to give the opportunity for students to visit inspiring places of great interest, have fun, gain skills and knowledge. We live in a more digital and social media dominated world. The challenge of technology and learning to use it in our everyday lives is real, from the internet to robots, to mobile devices; science, technology, and engineering help us find answers to humanities problems.


The pilot and full 13-day programme combines STEM theory with practice. In the evenings, the programme has been planned to give a variety of life experiences, meet young people in STEM living in London. They will experience  team challenge, indoor games, and film and TV evenings.

Highlights of the programme include visits to Cambridge University, Cambridge Science Park, Google London Headquarters, London Stock Exchange Students will experience the beauty of London as one of the world’s STEM capital cities. At the end of the programme students will reflect on the experiences and make group presentations of their learning outcomes and their aspirations for the future.

All participants will receive a certificate of attendance.

Contact us at +44(0)2085009912, or 02085016888