STEM International Programme for Aspiring Young People

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Title of Tour:  London Aspire Pilot STEM & Sports Experience

Time: 10am - 4:30pm

Dates of Tours:  Tuesday 27th August – Saturday 31st August 2019

Address: Samsung Digital Academy, 6 High St S, East Ham, London E6 6ER

STEM 5-Day Programme Timetable

STEM 5-Day & 13-Day Information Sheet

STEM 5-Day Flyer

How to Apply:

Complete the parental consent and registration forms.

Email these forms to

How to Pay:

Pay via PayPal (website) or by direct bank transfer.

If doing a direct bank transfer, reference of “[Your Name] + STEMP”

Chigwell Tours bank details:
Concept/Chigwell Tours
Bank details: BOS – Bank of Scotland
Sort Code: 12 24 82
Account number: 00763497


  • £10 per day for: Day 1, Day 4 & Day 5
  • £15 per day for: Day 2 & Day 3

(see programme timetable above)


We have limited sponsors available for young people that are unable to raise the funds themselves - contact us for more details.

Tour Highlight

The pilot and full 13-day programme combines STEM theory with practice. In the evenings, the programme has been planned to give a variety of life experiences, meet young people in STEM living in London. They will experience  team challenges, indoor games, and film & TV evenings.

Description of Tour:

This 5-day pilot in 2019 and the 13 day full educational tours STEM+ Sports programme in 2020 has been developed to harness the interest, and creativity in young people with aspirations for careers in the rapidly growing STEM world.

Targeted at young people 14-15 and 16-18 years of age, the programme, will dissect STEM, bring industrial experts and young people to share and learn. They will visit world-class Universities, sports stadium, science and innovation centres and real life projects. They will meet the people who make them work.

This exciting programme will unveil an array of exciting challenges for young and talented young people on their journey to becoming tomorrow's STEM geniuses and Ambassadors, and combines visits with fun experiments. The variety of activities provided, will enable the young people on the programme to better understand how a career and interest in STEM will shape tomorrow’s world.


Start of Official Tour

Official tour itinerary

Day 1 - Welcome

Start off your 5-Day Pilot STEM and Sports Experience with a warm welcome to STEM by a STEM Ambassador. Meet new people and get stuck in with team projects, to break the ice!

In the afternoon/evening, explore the huge city of London. Take in the spectacular views of London, and even try to spot the Google headquarters that you’ll be visiting the next day!

Day 2 - Science Museum

Discover exciting things about how the world works, and then have a group session at the IMAX! Walk around the impressive Imperial building, and get inspired.

Day 3 - Bletchley Park Innovation Centre (the home of computers and code-breaking) and the Cambridge Science Park & Business Innovation Centre

Build upon your knowledge of all things STEM in preparation for the exciting team challenges on Day 4!

Day 4 – Coding Challenge and Visit City Airport

Work with your fellow STEM-loving, tech-savvy team mates and STEM ambassador to overcome challenges and find solutions.

In the afternoon/evening, visit City Airport, and have an interactive conversation with one of the engineers. After this, enjoy even more team projects with the group!

Day 5 – Reflection and Lambourne End Fun Outdoor Pursuit Sport

On your last day, you will do a group presentation and reflection on your time at the London Aspire Pilot STEM & Sports Experience. You will then receive your certificate at an award ceremony.

After this, enjoy your afternoon/evening at the Lambourne End Fun Outdoor Pursuit Sport as a celebration of your time!



Group bookings are also available.


For further information, visit our Terms & Conditions here.

For any enquiries, call Kate 020 8500 9912


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