VIP Exclusive Europe’s Steepest Steam Train Ride at Fawley Hill Rail & Museum with Sumptious Afternoon Tea Tour (Henley on Thames)              

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VIP Exclusive Europe’s Steepest Steam Train Ride at Fawley Hill Rail & Museum  with Sumptious Afternoon Tea Tour ( Henley on Thames)

Date  of Tour: Saturday 13th July - 1 Day ONLY

Time: 11.30am- Outside Henley on Thames Railway Station

Price: £59.99

Group bookings available.

Groups of 5 or more gets 5% Ddiscount .

Book now.

Tour Highlight:

This exclusive 1 day private visit to Fawley Hill rail, provides you with an exciting  experience to ride  Europe’s steepest steam climb set in 250 acres of glorious countryside  and animal sanctuary.    You can enjoy a museum tour. Finally enjoy a sumptuous afternoon tea and free time.

Book Now Group bookings available.

Description of Tour:

Be one of the exclusive guest this summer to enjoy the thrill of a Fawley Hill train experience over the glorious undulating rolling English countryside on a glorious English summer’s day.

The late Lord William McAlphine heritage rail at Fawley was built in the late 1960’s. and its  survives  today,  it stands as a legacy to his passion  for all things rail and travel!

Fawley Hill,  set in the beautiful,grounds specially purchased  to develop this heritage rail and to provide a sanctuary for  birds. It is easy to feast your eyes on 250 acres of glorious summer English  countryside  as you enjoy this wonderful experience.  As your tour progress,  you come into contact and catch glimpses of the many rare breed of  birds, who the sanctuary provides a home.

This exclusive VIP 1 day tour  will enable you to experience the thrill of riding on the steepest hill climb steam train in Europe And then  enjoy a guided  tour of his heritage museum.  Finally, enjoy a sumptuous afternoon tea and some free time.

Fawley Hill is situated 15 minits from Henley on Thames.

The tour


11:30am: Meet your tour guide at  Henley on Thames station. Trains from Paddington).

Guests will enjoy a 15 minutes   drive through    beautiful historic villages, rural landscape, before arriving at Fawley Hill.

12.00-Arrival and comfort break.

12.15pm: Exploration of Fawley Hill.

There will be the opportunity to enjoy the scenery as you enjoy the steam train rides.

Historically, the foundations for this great rail, began in the late 1960’s by Lord William  McAlphine , the Scottish builder and rail enthusiasts during  the hayday of his construction  empire.  Developed over the decades, and  and lovingly maintained  andd preserved.

The museum. Housed in a separate building, it overlooks the site,  and from where, you can appreciate   the wonderful countryside scene.

You can opt for a full guided tour of the museum, which takes 1 hour.  The guided tour  , will provide you  with a fascinating adventure and history of all things steam and rail! A haven for any rail enthusiaste!  Has the worlds largest collection of all things and artefacts related to rail, steam and railway travel.

Fawley Hill rail,is only opened  6 times a year.  Visit is by exclusive invitation  only.

Afternoon Tea

After your steam ride, and guided tour of the museum,your delicious afternoon tea, will be provided by the famous Its Time for Tea enterprise.  Enjoy a delicious  meal set against a scenic   back drop.

Finally,  you will have  free time to explore the site before departure.

5.00; Departure to Henley on Thames station for  return trains to Paddington London.

End of tour.

Further details call Kate or Symone on +44 208 500 9912

Fawley Hill is a  private heritage rail, runn by a dedicated group of staff and volunteers.The late Lord McAlphine family fortune continues to support and the running and maintenance of this amazing wonderful enterprise.

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