Bristol City & British Airways Concorde Museum Tour

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Bristol City & British Airways Concorde Museum Tour


This is one of our tours that has something for everybody, because we show you examples of iconic British architecture such as the Clifton Suspension Bridge, alongside the rebellious graffiti culture of street artist Banksy and great marvels of engineering like Concorde, which is what makes this varied British city so special



Title: Bristol City Amazing Tour  and British Airways Supersonic Concorde and Museum Tour

Dates: The 2nd and 4th Thursdays of each month.

Start date: Thursday 13th September


£76: Tour, entrance fee

(lunch is not included).

Group Tours not available between 14th December- 31st January 2019

Customised group bookings available   for groups over 15.).

Lunch  not included in price..

Weekend City Break. Customised group bookings to include 1 day tour of the city and the amazing keyside, 1 night hotel accommodation and breakfast and the 2nd day of sightseeing including tour of the famous SS Britain

Group bookingsAvailable.

Email for prices and discounts or call Kate on 0208 500 9912.

Tour Highlights

This tour has something for everyone. We unravel a spectrum of iconic British architecture ranging from the Clifton Suspension Bridge and rebellious graffiti culture of street artist Banksy to the great marvels of engineering like the supersonic Concorde. We think this is what makes this varied British city so special.

Full Tour Description:

You are invited to join us on this trip to Bristol and home of turbojet-powered supersonic passenger jet airliner, Concorde whilst exploring centuries of Bristolian history in the city that straddles the River Avon in the southwest of England.

We depart and are spared the hiking of Bristol’s many hills on a coach tour of the city’s sights. This visits Brunel’s Clifton Suspension Bridge, in its stunning spot hanging high over the Avon Gorge, before heading down to his other great Bristol landmark, the steamship SS Great Britain, which was the first iron steamer to cross the Atlantic, where the port is often referred to as the 'Birthplace of America'.

We will also show you some of the amazing works of Bristol graffiti artist, Banksy, before stopping for lunch on the broad lawn outside the imposing facade of Bristol cathedral at the heart of the city. It’s a perfect picnic spot if the weather is good and for rainy days there are waterfront restaurants and markets just a couple of minutes away.

After lunch, we will head north to see the birthplace of the supersonic jet, Concorde, famous for cutting the flight from Paris to New York to just three hours. Being the home of British Aerospace, of which a Bristol company was a founding component, the city was the natural choice for developing the supersonic aircraft. Aerospace Bristol now tells not only the story of that historic partnership, but also of the great contribution that the city has made to civilisation and military aviation as well as the space race. Simulation flights of Concorde available, price not included. From there, you will return full of the revelations fand joys of a day spent in this varied and exciting city.


Start of Tour

10:50- Meet tour guide on the concourse of Bristol Temple Meads station.

11am-12:40pm- City Centre tour of Bristol City and Key side/Riverside

1pm-2pm- lunchtime

2.15pm- Meet Tour Guide outside Bristol Cathedral for journey to Bristol Aerospace

2.45pm-4:45- Guided tour of British Airways Concorde Museum and Concorde Tour.

5:00pm- Meet Tour Guide and board coach for return to Bristol Temple Meads station.

End of Tour

5:45pm: Board train for return journey to Paddington

6pmTrain depart for Paddington, London.

7:45pm- Arrive at Paddington.

Recommended Trains from London Paddington to Bristol Temple Meads

Great Western Railway train from Paddington to Bristol Temple Meads depart @ 9am.

Arrival: 10.43am.

Departure Bristol Temple Meads :6pm


Price Options


£73– Concessions

For further information, visit our Terms & Conditions here. enquiries, call Kate on 0208 500 9912 or email


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