Award Winning Vintage Bus Steam Train WITH Afternoon Tea WITH a Visit the Oldest Wooden Church in Europe!      

Steam Train tour with Chigwell Tours
green vintage bus journey with Chigwell Tours steam train tour
Award Winning Vintage Bus Steam Train WITH Afternoon Tea WITH a Visit the Oldest Wooden Church in Europe!      


Step back in time and experience the romance of travel from a time gone by, as you soak up stunning Essex countryside on this award winning Steam Train tour.




Day of Tour:  Saturdays and Sundays only:

Time: 12.15am- 4.30pm

Dates of Tours:  April 13, 2019; every Saturday and Sunday till October 13, 2019. * 27th & 28th April, 5th May, 14th & 15th September 2019, there are no tours.

Price: £65. (Includes visit to oldest wooden church in Europe)

Description of Tour:

Step back in time and experience the romance of travel from a time gone by as you soak up a stunning Essex countryside on this award winning tour, with the added bonus of visiting the oldest wooden church in Europe!

The Epping Ongar Railway is a Heritage railway, run by a small team of dedicated staff and volunteers, in North Weald Ongar, Essex, England.

The Tour includes a return ticket, starting at Epping underground Station Central line to and via vintage bus to North Weald and Steam train to Ongar

This experience is a self- guided tour. However, a tour guide is usually present to meet and greet customers at Epping Underground station before boarding the 1st of their Vintage bus to North Weald for the start of their Steam train journey.

Below is a representative itinerary. All customers receive a detailed final itinerary, two weeks prior to the tour, as well as information for your tour and other things you can include to enhance your experience in Ongar.


12:15pm: Arrive at Eppingunderground station(central line) station with your itinerary and meet your tour guide ( standing station entrance with a multicoloured golf umbrella).

12:25am: Board your vintage bus for the start of your journey to North Weald for your steam train experience. North Weald is a village in the civil parish of North Weald Bassett, the Epping Forest District of the County of Essex.

This vintage bus journey passes through Epping Forest and  countryside views

12:45am: North Weald Ticket Office:  Tickets will be issued to you by tour guide..

1:00pm:  With your tour guide, Board steam trainride to Ongar and enjoy scenes of the forest.

1:15pm: Arrival at Ongar and Comfort Break Tour of Ongar and main attractions; Visit Greensted   Church,  oldest wooden church in Europe .  enjoy the history and Local Park opposite the station. Have fun checking out the local pubs, famous cheese shop, wine stores and museum

1.45- 3.15pm   Cream Tea. Venue: The Blackmore Tea Rooms- one of Essex amazing tea houses.

You will have the opportunity to explore this delightful English village.

Enjoy a delicious  afternoon teataken from the selection below

A variety of freshly made sandwiches, cakes and pastries with tea or coffee.

You can also purchase    drinks-  including wines, prosecco, juices and beverages- not included in the price.

3.15: Depart from Blackmore for your return journey to Ongar station.

3.25 Arrive at Ongar station.

3.30 Board steam train for North Weald.

3.35: Train departs for North Weald.

4.00 Board vintage bus back to Epping underground station, where the tour ends.



Call the office for details on how you can upgrade.

Group bookings are also available.


For further information, visit our Terms & Conditions here.

For any enquiries, call Kate 020 8500 9912


Terms and Condition applies.

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  1. Tracey

    All aboard the Lord Phil Locomotive Steam train.

    There is something facinating happening in “Ongar” today.

    Where in the Dickens is Ongar? Well, l do love an Enid Blyton mystery.

    Tick tuck, it is 10.10 a.m., on Saturday, 4 August 2018, Kenyah and friend Beverly decide to follow the trail laid out by Chigwell Tours. We stand in line at Epping Station at the make shift bus stop; cases, hats and handkerchiefs at the ready. It is a sweltering hot day. We eagerly await a distinguished gentleman carrying a striped umbrella who will be our guide for the 6 hours of adventure.

    We are excited at the opportunity of stepping back in time. Here comes the Vintage 339 bus with its driver and bus conducter. Wooopee!!! We are all set to go on a Chigwell Tours adventure. Who does this, we wonder. In the bus queue we notice close to 50 other mystery seekers all of varying ages (adults & children), genders, and complexions, but none as Melanin rich as mine and Beverly’s. Most of us board the bus, less than half wait for the next one as there is limited capacity due to broken seats (…Has there been a murder? We wonder, or is the damage merely down to wear and tear).

    In a blink of an eye we arrive at a small town called North Weald, we are informed by the Chigwell Tours guide that North Weald is a village in the civil parish of North Weald Bassett in the Epping Forest district of Essex, England.
    The area is very very different to where I and Beverly grew up, North and East inner city London.

    The area appears quiet and tranquil. No time to explore indepth as we are whisked on to a slightly smokey train platform at North Weald Station for the 10.55 train to Ongar, on the Lord Phil steam train.

    My old school friend Beverly and I sit back, and begin to take in the the fabric, sounds, ambiance of the train and the views.

    In less than an hour we arrive in Ongar, where we are whisked in a taxi to a secret location, we are both excited but also sadened by what we learn during the guided tour. By now, we are both feeling peckish, next stop on the adventure is afternoon tea (a lovely assortment of teas, coffee, sandwiches and yummy cakes). I could not resist the cakes, Beverly was more reserved. On to the next half of our mystery tour which
    gave Beverly and I an opportunity to reminisce the bygone days, we were again pleasantly surprised by the location and its history.

    To find out about the next installment contact Chigwell tours, see link below:

    The whole adventure was a new lovely experience and an adventure, we would recommend it to both individuals and families. It is worth opting for the guided tour to appreciate the history and culture of the various places on the tour and to ensure you find your way back on time.