Are you looking for a challenging opportunity in 2019 and 2020?

Have you  wondered how  tour operators research, develop and run tours? 

Do you see yourself  involved in this innovative  role and  being a   part of a team who do just this?

Would you relish the opportunity of doing just that and have  thrill of meeting and working  with a diverse range of customers and guests  on our tours?

If that’s you, then join us…

We have career opportunities for  a variety of positions  this summer and autumn.

 Year 12 and 13 looking for  business, social media and tour guide assistants… work experience?

We  offer 2- 3 week work experience   in the above for candidates with the interest and aptitude and a fun outside the box thinkers.


Email your CV and supporting statement to: or

CRM and Customer Engagement Person

Are you semi retired or an active retiree professional with interest in customer relations  management( CRM)or customer services and love talking    to people?

The customers and guests on our tours are interesting and love to share their experiences.

We are looking for a CRM / customer service person, to engage with our customers and guests.

If you have an interest and  a few hours to spare regularly  and can assist us, we would love to hear from you.

You will liaise with guests who have been on our tours,  to get feedback and input  innovative suggestions.


Email your CV and supporting statement to: or

You will need to be a naturally skilled talker. for communicating with a diverse range of  people. This role can be fun with a tinge of seriousness!

 Internships 3 Months Paid Internship Available

We are looking for an intern with  travel and international tourism experience.

Chigwell Tours has 3 months vacancy for paid  internship for a graduate with tourism and international tourism experience.

This opportunitiy will start in  September.

You will work as part of a team, deal with updating our tours programme; input into our Christmas and 2020 tours and   liaise with online digital marketing agencies.  Ample opportunities  for  working with our external agents, and input into the business admin of the company.

Interested candidates should email their CV and supporting statement to:

Further Info:\


We have various opportunities for volunteering in the company.

You may have a few hours a week or a couple of days.  You might  be looking for a company to get some work experience.

Whatever your interest, call Kate for a discussion. WWe can help. to

This  include:-

adminwork; dealing with customers enquiries: assisting staff at events and exhibitions.

Annual Fundraising Charity Walk:

We are looking for  an experienced person to assist in organizing our annual charity fundraising walk  in Hainault Forest for good causes.

Do you have a few hours to work with  us for this worthwhile  event.  We can garantee you some fun! The 10km walk takes place in September.


Contact Kate for an informal discussion to find out more.

Get in Touch:

Chigwell Tours- Tel: +44 208 5500 9912 or +44 208 501 6888.


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