Bonjour Chigwell

Before arriving from Paris, we did not know what we expect of Chigwell, Just outside London. Wow! We were pleasantly surprised. We saw Pub and restaurant called the Two Brewers,

We passed by the millionaire row, frequented by celebrities such as Snooker Player Ronnie O'Sullivan and Footballer Gareth Bale. These houses are of American style, they are spacious, with large and beautiful courtyards.

Chigwell has approximately 12,500 inhabitants, it also has many churches. We also visited Chigwell Village, which is full of green spaces, and historic sites, as for example the former place where Charles Dickens visited the Maple Pub.

At Hainault Forest we could see the Miller & Carter pub. Miller & Carter is a pub/restaurant mixing authenticity and conviviality to share pleasant moments with family, We then visited Foxborough farm where we saw horses, donkeys, and chickens.

From a French point of view Chigwell Village and Hainault Forest are essential places to visit.

Lylia & Ghislaine
French Interns at Chigwell Tours

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