10K Hainault forest fundraising walk 2019

10K Hainault forest fundraising walk 2019


We arrived at the cafe by Hainault forest lake and were greeted by many excited and happy walkers. We were also joined by experienced walkers who said the 10km walk would be a piece of cake! We were even joined by Bertie! A black and tan Dachshund. We talked and took in the view of the lake before setting of an amazing journey with the sunshine behind us and the breeze cooling us as we walked.

We first walked through grassy fields full of happy people enjoying themselves. Even Bertie was enjoying himself rolling around in the fields! Then we headed into the enchanting forest.

There were so many trees, and they were huge! The trees were on either side of the path; the branches reaching far and wide creating a mystical canopy over our heads. Also there were faces of animals and people engraved into the trees.

The wildlife was amazing, interesting and kept us amazed at what was lurking around us as we walked. There were squirrels, birds, cows and even horses! Deep down we all wanted to see some deer but none see to come. The forest felt alive. Bertie

enjoyed the wildlife far too much, chasing the horses and squirrels! There was never a dull moment, it felt like taking a step back in time.

We walked and walked all the while being spurred on, knowing that every step that we took was bringing in donations that will enable us to provide 100 Christmas shoe boxes for children.

As we left the forest on the home stretch the silence was suddenly broken by cars hotting and playing music, so we knew we were nearly done, and before we knew it we had completed 10 Kilometres! We were feeling drained but at the same time very rewarded. We sat down by the cafe and enjoyed a good rest, some water and chocolates.

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