This exciting and innovative programme features a 7 or 14 day character building, cultural orientation and English language classes.

Students will live with Host Families to provide an exciting opportunity for improving their spoken English. Students will gain a better understanding of the British culture and lifestyle and meet people from other countries, cultures and experience the vibrant activities in London and the superb range of outdoor summer fun-filled activities provided Essex which are ideal for character building.



For groups with 18+ Students

Tour Season: March - November

Age Suitability: 16+

Tour Dates: Customised for your requirements



  -  Bienvenue chez Chigwell Tours a Londres

  -  Benvenuto a Chigwell Tours in London

  -  Bienvenido a Chigwell Tours y Londres

  -  Willkommen in Chigwell Touren und London

  -  Chigwell Tours aea wc London, ma mu akwaba

  -  E Kaabo, Nno, Sannu da zuwa

  -  ようこそ チグウェルツアーへ 魅力的なロンドンの街をご案内します

  -  欢迎体验奇格威旅游!欢迎来伦敦!